Tuesday, December 17, 2013



Meet me back here in January. We have a lot of (fun) work to do!



  1. My copy of this book arrived today...it looks amazing...*can't wait* to see what you'll do with these formulas...!
    Best to you for 2014!
    :^) breadsong

    1. Mine came this morning bright and early too! I am reading through the first part of it as we speak. I can't wait to dig in. All I have to say is: page 148/149... SERIOUSLY?! I'm going to bake like crazy to get to that formula quick! See you in a few weeks Breadsong!

    2. that got my attention in the first place, too. It's just too beautiful...

  2. whoot woot! cannot wait :-)

    1. Ha! Danna! Fellow L.A. Girl. I have always wanted to send you a message on Pinterest. I am constantly repinning your stuff! xo


  3. I'm looking forward. I love your breads and photos,

  4. I'm so happy! That is the best news at the and of this year!

    See you soon!

  5. Very much looking forward to the book and your experiments/photos.

  6. Hi all.
    Well, I got my kindle version last night (yea I know, not feeling of touch, but less money) and I love it. My primary concern is WHERE to get most of the amazing grains he uses... I usually don't find them in the store... ideas?
    Also, France - how can I get in touch with you via email?

    1. thankfully i live in an area where i can buy them. also, there are tons of resources online. you just have to scout around. i think 'to your health', which is my favorite sprouted grain flour resource has whole grains as well. try them. i will also, through the next experiment, always include my grain source. if you live in the u.s., this should be relatively easy to keep up with.

      you can contact me at my tartine bread experiment email: tartine-bread-experiment@live.com

      see you in a few weeks!


  7. France!! I can't believe! This morning I remembered that you would start again - and now THIS! I'm so jalous (neidisch in german!).
    But: Only a joke.., I do not becrudge it to you at all!!
    Go on!! I'm waiting...



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